Halloween Weddings!

Halloween Weddings!

With autumn right around the corner (already!) it’s the perfect time to talk about Halloween themed weddings! These days more and more brides are bucking tradition and allowing their creative side to take over when planning their nuptials.

What better time than Halloween to bring out the black, deep purple, red and orange! There are so many stunning dresses that veer away from the traditional white or ivory, although these can be incorporated into a Halloween or Gothic based wedding too!  This is where I should warn you not to search “Halloween Weddings” on Pinterest unless you wanna be sucked into an absolute wonderland of super cool ideas for a Halloween wedding celebration. From the wedding gown to the attendants dresses right down to the unlimited and affordable décor ideas, you’ll likely never find your way out, but isn’t that what Pinterest does to us?

As part of our Autumn Collection we’re going to feature some really cool Halloween wedding apparel to give you some ideas for your celebration! If you haven’t already ordered your dress or attendants dresses, there’s still time.  Send me a message and I’ll be happy to help guide you.

Now… on to the dresses!

The black dress is the most popular among Halloween and Goth brides, if you’re looking to rock black with a touch of elegance, lace and beading are great for adding a touch of class.  Deep purple with black lace is a stunning combination as well, but then again, what dress wouldn’t look stunning with black lace added? Amirigt? 

The great news is, we can create all of the dresses you see here in our collection, and then some! Visit our Halloween Wedding Dress Collection for more details and daily additions!

Take a look at some of our favorites!  

Black Taffeta & Lace Ball Gown Style

Gothic Tulle and Satin

Sexy Gothic Corset & Lace

A Touch of Boho Black Chiffon Gown

Gothic Lace Dreams


Stay tuned for MORE great Halloween and Autumn articles! 

Visit our Halloween Wedding Dress Collection for more details or to order one of the dresses you see here. 



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